About NFLN

Evan Benton (left) and Patrick Wall (right) in 2010.

NFL Nothings is the brainchild of sports journalists and friends Patrick Wall and Evan Benton, who both graduated from George Mason University in 2010 with majors in journalism.  Patrick bleeds through and through as a Philadelphia Eagles fan, a die-hard follower since their 2005 Super Bowl hangover season. In contrast, Evan enjoys big stats and numbers, never mind the team, but if interrogated will say he follows the Bengals.

Both enjoy ranting in front of mirrors and thinking they know more than most analysts simply because they look better and have six packs, so NFL Nothings is a mutual and long-awaited unified opportunity for vain and wonderful opining neither could pass up.

About Patrick (pwall1)

Patrick is Editor-in-chief of Origivation magazine in Philadelphia and a freelance Eagles beat writer. He lives in Philadelphia and enjoys live music, walks on the beach and the first Counting Crows album. Patrick maintains his own blog on current music, A Blog in Lo-Fi.

About Evan (andreirublev)

Evan has been a sports journalist since before before Joe Flacco wore purple and black (so, like, two years…?).  He writes for the Shenandoah Free Press in Woodstock, VA and enjoys clutch waiver wire pick-ups in fantasy football, playing air guitar to The Scorpions, and being obnoxiously right all the time.  He maintains his own blog on classic film, Celluloid Heaven.


Love us? Hate us? Let us know at nflnothings@gmail.com


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